Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scott Made Kelly a fajita steak salad

It was one of those days that everything was coming at me at once(I wont elaborate but sufice it to say that Kelly was right there beside me through it all) and I wanted to thank Kelly for being there for me. So when I asked her the usual 2pm question "what do you want for dinner?" I got a response for something she had not requested for a while. "Street style beef fajitas". Being on a self imposed regime of curbing my food intake(in other words not eating like a Jr High football player) I started to work on what we could do. We didnt have flour tortillas, lettuce, fat free sour cream and her favorite ingredient cilantro, I swear she would put that on her cereal if she could. We did have some corn tortilla chips though. I also remembered that I had some flank steak at work. So off to the store I went. Got three bunches of cilantro some fat free sour cream(I am thinking lately of getting greek yogurt and putting some vinegar in it and seeing if that might improve the flavor)and a bag of tossed salad.

So off to the kitchen(I wish I had a bat pole to slide down)

5# flank steak also called london broil or the French call it a Bavette.
2 bunches of cilantro (one for the fajita's and the other to chop up and put in Kelly's store bought salsa)
1 bag of frozen pepper onion mix
1 bag salad mix(I like Dole's Meditranian mix)
any chunky salsa
fat free salad dressing
corn tortilla chips
fat free sour cream
fat free cheese

Spice mix(Pay attention this is the important part)
I teach a class on campus on home cooking and I give the students a recipe for a basic spice blend to use on the grill and then let them modify it according to what they want it to tast like. The following is the basic blend then adding a southwest twist to it.

2 part garlic powder
2 part onion powder
1 part black pepper
1 part chili powder
2 parts paprika
3 parts kosher salt

southwest twist
2 parts cumin
1 part chili powder

Mix the spices in a coffee cup and if you have leftovers just set it by the stove and occasionally throw some in what ever you are scramdled eggs

season the meat heavy with the spice mix and allow to sit for half an hour at room temp

On a HOT!!! grill put a cast iron skillet and allow to get hot
add peppers and onion mix with a bit of the seasoning blend(it should sizzle very loudly and the smell will be immediate)

on the other half of the grill put the steak on

A flank steak is best when two things are done to it, Marinate for as long as possible, cook it slow and allow it to get med well done. I normally eat my steak a bit above still alive and barely "mooing" but I like this cut medium well.

once the steak is done allow to rest for 1o mins. I just turn the grill off cover and go prep the rest of the meal.

The prep is easy just assemble any ingredients you want as a salad or in a flour tortilla and go for it.

One of the things I like to do in this is cut the meat outside by the grill... it cuts down on the mess inside(for which I am famous for making). Then serve Al Fresca.

I just got and IM

"can we make jamaican jerk chicken?"

I guess I know what my next blog will be huh?

Bonne Appetite!

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