Friday, January 4, 2008

The giving of others

In this time of holidays and un-employment for me and my significant other we are experiencing how shall I say it........well we are broke!! Today I was suppossed to get a check from the sale of the auction of our kitchen equipment but the swindler.... uh er!!... auctioneer won't be able to post a check till "early next week". Whatever that means. Anyway A was talking to her mom this morning on the phone and telling her about the problems we were having. Well an hour later she shows up with 10 bags of groceries. She explained she was emptying out her freezer but the funny thing was that there were also eggs and milk and crackers in there as well.

This being my third go at a long term relationship I have had two nightmares for mother in laws but this seems to be the "third times a charm". The sad part of all this is that she is a stage four cancer survivor which means its just a matter of time.

I hope she will be with us long enough for lil chef to get to remember her. I had a Grandmother like her and I credit her with being my inspiration to be a chef. I would like the same for my child as well.

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