Monday, January 14, 2008

Visiting Chefs Have a Play date

I was fortunate enough to have three chefs visit lil chef today. We had a play date cooking party. Sofie Hadley and Libby all came down after naps and we cooked cupcakes.

Now as a chef I have commanded kitchens with over 50 cooks and chefs all working at once. And yet today I was a little nervous about these four little girls coming and cooking. I laid all my prep out got the kitchen clean ready for the arrival.

They showed up and had to make sure they checked out the entire house. Looking in every room. "A" is going to be upset with me I did not clean our bedroom. But we got the home inspection completed and then came downstairs to watch the movie Ratatouille to get properly motivated. Once that was done it was time to cook.

We started off with making a french vanilla cake dividing it into different bowls and coloring the cake. Then pouring the different colors into a muffin tin that was in the shaped of different bugs. Butterflys Bumble Bees Dragon Flys and Lady Bugs. Into the oven.

Then it was dark chcolate cake with coconut nuts and chocolate chips.

When the bugs were done we let them cool and it was time to decorate. each chef got two bugs to decorate.

When that was finished we had milk and cupcakes. Then finished watching Ratatouille. Quite the adventure.

The kitchen is a wreck again............but it was worth it.

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The Middle Child said...

This is entirely too cute!!!
Looks like it was a lot of fun!