Sunday, August 31, 2008

Returning to my past

In an effort to prevent a bloodbath and time in jail for serving my boss as the special on a buffet (anyone remember that movie "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover " where they served the lover for dinner, I was thinking of serving him with some basil and lemons, He didn't deserve the chianti) Anyway I went on the hunt for another position.

Unfortunately I am better at this than I would like to be. I started putting out word that I was looking. I was a little surprised at the mixed responses. Most were positive and seemed excited that I was available. Making that phone call to the network of friends and associates was not as tough as I thought it would be. Within a day of making the call I had a call back from my former publicist ( I love Abby she is the greatest). She let me know that there was an EC position at one of the private expensive universities in Indy. After two days of calling I finally got the GM on the phone.

Being quick I let her know my experiences and background. I was informed that she had another candidate and that his tasting was the next day. I offered to come in anyway. I emailed my resume and got ready. Oh did I mention I was also at the same time nursing a second degree burn on my left foot. A mishap on my last day at the hell pit. I spilled boiling water on my foot from a broken tilt skillet (its a long story dont ask)

The next day I get there. In a great looking suit and I was ready for anything. Sat down with the GM talked for a couple of hours and immediately hit it off. I was answering her questions well. Relating my previous university experiences and how they were so similar to their operation. Salary negotiations went much better than I thought. They would not be able to match my current salary immediately but within a year I would be back to what I was making. Their posted salary range was much lower than what they offered. I will take that! One of my better interviews. Next came the part I was most nervous about. The tasting. Considering my last tasting was an abortion there was some apprehension there.

The corporate exec chef was there and had a mystery basket prepared. I was ready this time. Approached it a little differently this time. No time lines, no computers. Just me, the knives, and a stove. Oh and some spices hidden in my tool box. Two hours, three entrees one being a vegetarian and an appetizer if I had time. Did I have time!!! Please. My only concern at this point was that I had a throbbing foot.

Shrimp Skewers with a mango slaw and brown honey vinaigrette

Fried Eggplant boat(always a crowd pleaser) stuffed with a warm spinach salad hummus and grilled chicken.

Tofu Napoleon with augratin potatoes and blue cheese cream sauce

Sausage roasted with a tomato creole sauce(using an interesting spice mix) over cajun rice and grilled vegetables.

While preparing this they brought in the other candidate. That was a surprise didnt see that one coming. They put him on the other side of the kitchen. I had setup right next to the stove and taken over pretty much the whole hot line. I kinda felt sorry for the other guy. If things had been reversed he would have done the same thing and I would have been on the other side. But I would not have changed my menu and would have made it work. So doom on him having to work a little harder. Sorry bastard. Besides from what I could see him prepping he was not in possesion of a fine dining background

They loved the food and the next day I got the job. So on Wednesday morning I was trying to call and get an interview and on Friday afternoon I was employed again. Pretty cool.

That was three weeks ago. I love the job not to hard. Staff is competent. Just needing some refining and streamlining. The previous chef was not very hands on. Seemed to expedite from his desk.....alot.

Buy the way I have been home for dinner everynight since I started and have had most of my weekends off.............Fuck You Bitches at Levy.

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