Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scott Cooked Kelly Lettuce Wraps

The dinner was going to be postickers from a recipe I found on another website... I will try to put the sight up in the blog but if not its on my blog roll. When I asked if potstickers sounded good the response was "yes but". So the suggestion was made why not make lettuce wraps. So I was off and running.

I looked up the history of them and I cannot seem to find anything that gives a good origin. I have had them as street food in Thailand as well as in South Korea. The restaurant PF Changs seems to have made them popular here in the states. The basics of the recipe is a Asian stir fried meat stuffed into a lettuce shell. Sort of a stir fry meets taco.

The complicated thing was to get a rich flavor of the spices and meats and not use any fat in the cooking process. Not an insurmountable challenge. So here we go.

1# chicken breast(cleaned no skin and ground in a food processor till it looks like hamburger)

1 tbsp fresh (Not canned, not dry but fresh) ginger

1 tbsp chopped garlic

1 cup chopped green onions

1/2 cup soy sauce (low salt is best)

1/2 rice wine vinegar

no stick spray

1 head of iceberg lettuce


2 tbsp toasted sesame oil( I put in a super hot pan and let it smoke a little, it burns off some of the fat)

The trick to doing this is to have all your ingredients done, chopped and ready to go.

In a HOT!!! wok or heavy cast iron pan spray the no stick spray (its going to smoke a bit) and put the chopped garlic and ginger in allow about ten seconds(as long as it takes you to grab the chopped chicken) toss once and pour in the chicken (all of it at once)

Stir the chicken mixture occasionally(allow it to brown some on the bottom of the pan) When the chicken is finished pour in the soy sauce and the vinegar and allow to reduce. Add the green onions at the end. Serve with any favorite oriental sauce such as teryaki or hoisin. Stuff the meat in the lettuce leafs and enjoy.....

OH!! beware this can be a bit messy so probably not something you want to let the kids eat on a new sofa....

Bonne Appetite

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