Friday, November 23, 2007

When did thanksgiving equal eat till you fall asleep then go shopping

I am finding that the commercializing of America to become sickening. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that corporate America cannot find a way to capitalize on. Not much profit line on turkey bread and sweet potatoes. So what is a business to do.....oh here's an idea lets make that day the day to start our shopping for Christmas. Hurry little consumers jump through hoops to get the $50 laptop and oh lets not forget to get there early and pose for the news cameras.

The news seems to be dominated by how many people were in line at 3 am at the local wal mart. People wonder why middle America is viewed as being so gullible. Fox and CNN had to send their reporters to Nebraska or Wyoming to find the herds that were migrating outside the local K-Wal-Target. Not LA not New York but middle America. There was a 3 minute news piece ran on what time the malls opened this morning. And 1 minute blurb on the fact that the Mozel Sanders foundation fed 30k homeless on thanksgiving and the only reason it was that long was the fact that an NFL player help sponsor it this year. We seem to have lost the spirit of thanksGIVING for the expression of saying thanks for how much we get and equating giving for how much we spent. Sad really.

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